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First Post

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This site is to host Rich’s blog, podcast, books, articles, whatever. Most content falls somewhere in the range of armchair theology, enthusiasm for life, church, God, music, hilarity, culture, and goodness.

The name “Chapter 8” is a play on the idea that the 8th day is the first day of new creation – loosely based on a reading of John’s gospel whereby Jesus performs 7 signs throughout the gospel… And resurrection is sign number 8. If you want to get really nerdy, in the first creation “Let their be light!” is day 1. Humanity is created on the 6th day. God rests on the Sabbath – day 7. In Jesus, old humanity is put to death on the 6th day. The Black Sabbath, day 7, is Jesus in the tomb. The Sunday of resurrection is creation all over again… On day 8.

In Christ, we’re all invited to write, speak, laugh, and wonder in the new creation. It’s all part of writing Chapter 8.

Rich is a pastor at New Hope Hillside Church in Calgary, Alberta. Check out NHH here!